Angels of Innocence

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Angels of Innocence are the young girls and women that have their Innocence removed from them at the hands of The Evil In Men. Women are not here to be slaves of men, Women are not here to be abused by men, Women are not here to be captured and tortured by men. However, every day we read or hear about a woman that has her life altered by a man. This just has to stop! A woman should be adored, she should be treated as the angel that she is, the little girl who dreamed of being a princess, should one day have that fairy tale come true in some way instead of having her life ripped out from underneath her by the hands of a man.

This article is dedicated to the women that have had their lives altered at the hands of man. This article is to let women know that not all men are evil, that not all men have hands of mistrust, but that there are those of us that are in our own way, want to help bring justice to those that have brought harm to a woman.
Jaycee Lee Dugard is home with her family today because 2 women did something that no other law enforcement person has done in 18 years. And to them, we are thankful. Elizabeth Ann Smart is home as well, because someone saw something that was not right. Continue to help bring our daughters, mothers, sisters, nieces home to their families where they belong.

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When I watch the news and hear about another young girl or woman that has been abused in some way at the hands of a loved one or a stranger to her, it breaks my heart. It makes me hurt for the woman, it makes me want to go out and find some way to protect all women from the evil in men, to help protect them from the world in which we live in. I want to give the man the same pain and agony that he has given to the female that he has hurt.

Young girls are meant to have fun and play games with their friends, they are meant to go to school and learn and enjoy the life that they have been given. Instead, starting at a very young age, girls are treated by someone, rather it is a family member, friend, or neighbor or someone else that is either in their everyday life or a stranger, in an abusive sexual way. Why do men think that they have the right to take the Innocence from a child and destroy it the way that they do? It is a sad time in the world to know that the beautiful young heart of a girl will soon be destroyed in some way from a man in their life rather it is someone they know, or it is a stranger to them.

Every woman should remember this line, and keep it close to their heart at all times, and do not ever let anyone especially man take away their power and their will to live the life that they want and should be able to live.

A woman brings life into this world, if it was not for her, we would not be here today, so why would a man want to destroy the person that has the most important role in this world, and that is the bringer of life?

Strongest Women

The question is this. Why do men think that they have the right to take a woman and do with her as he pleases? It is not right nor is it humane for this to be happening in the past or the future, a woman should never be treated in an inhumane way.

Jaycee Lee Dugard

Some of the strongest women in the world are those that have in some way had to endure the hardship and abuse at the hands of a man. « was abducted at the age of 11 on June 10, 1991 and spent over 18 years at the hands of Phillip Craig Garrido. Jaycee gave birth to her first child named Starlite in August 1994 at the age of 14, and then at 17, she gave birth to Angel in November 1997.
Jaycee proves that a woman that has the will to survive will somehow overcome any obstacle that is thrown her way.

Image Source for Jaycee Lee Dugard with Diane Sawyer

Purchase Jaycee Dugards book here: (Barnes and Noble)

Her Story

Read the book writen by Jaycee Dugard, and learn her story.

Image Source for Jaycee Lee Dugard - A Stolen Life: A Memoir

Elizabeth Ann Smart

June 5, 2002 Elizabeth Ann Smart was a 14-year-old girl when a man broke into her family's home and abducted her while she slept. Elizabeth was missing for 9 months, having to endure daily rapes from her kidnapper Brian David Mitchell and his companion Wanda Ileen Barzee.

Image Source for Elizabeth Ann Smart playing the harp at a concert, A true Angel

Elizabeth kept a journal of her daily life with her captures, and in another language, she would write the truth about how she was treated and about her daily rapes. Her captures would read everything that she wrote, this is the reason why she wrote in the other language, a language that they could not read, and she would tell them that it was something other than what it truly was. This helped her to cope with what was really happening to her.

Cleveland House Of Horrors

On May 6, 2013 3 women were found inside of a home owned by Ariel Castro. These women were kidnapped at different times over a decade before.
Charles Ramsey, A neighbor to the house heard a woman crying out for help, and seeing Berry's arm through the busted door, he then kicked down the door of the house, and called police. The police showed up, and was greeted by Amanda Berry. Amanda informed the officers of the other women kept in upstairs rooms.
The house were the ladies had been kept for over a decade, was only a few miles from where they were abducted from.

  1. Amanda Berry = Abducted April 21, 2003, when she was 16 years old (A day before her 17th birthday), Amanda had just finished her shift at a Burger King when she called her sister, to let he know that she had a ride home. Amanda was the only one of the girls allowed to have a child. Amanda also went to school with one of her abductors daughter's.
    When Amanda was rescued by the neighbor, she asked him to "Help me get our! I've been here a long time!".

  2. (Gina) Georgina Lynn DeJesus = Abducted April 2, 2004, when she was 14 years old while heading home from school. Gina was a friend of one of her Abductors daughter's, and attended school with her.

  3. Michelle Knight = Abducted 2002. She was the only one that was to endure painful abortions at the hands of her Abductor. She would withstand hits to her stomach and beatings, to cause her to miscarriage the babies.

Image Source for Amanda Berry - 16 Years old, Abducted April 21, 2003

Image Source for (Gina) Georgina Lynn DeJesus - 14 Years old, Abducted April 2, 2004

Image Source for Michelle Knight = Abducted 2002

The Missing

Statistics on the Missing

There are over 20,000+ children Abducted each year with about 99% of those will be returned fairly soon. Over 100 of them will be long term, and only half of those will make it back home alive.
We need to open our eyes and look with more distance in helping to find those that are missing, and stop the ones that continue to take these young children. Look for signs with the kids at school, the neighborhood kids, and those that you may not know very well. You might just find and being able to help stop early enough a potential child abductor before he or she becomes a predator.