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The creation of The Spotlight Banner, information on who made it, and how it was done. Detailed video lesson by the author, and written information from the author to the viewer.

Background Information
Project Title:The Spotlight Banner 
Designer - Author:« 
Project Time: 32 minutes 
Video Length: 16 minutes 14 seconds 
Programs Used: Photoshop 
Screen Capture: TechSmith Camtasia Studio 


The idea was to have this banner designed by someone outside of the business. To show credit to someone else, to help further the career of an unknown. However, it did not work out that way, as the person that the company had in mind to do the banner, after several weeks, was unable to complete the task. It was then just a week before the release of the new site, that owner Wayne Barron decided that he was going to work on it himself. And this is the design that we went with. The flashing Spotlight banner.

The Design Process

The original plan was doing a Spotlight on both sides of the banner, the design was not idea, and looked very cheesy, and well, very retro early 2000's look, and that was not what Wayne was going for. After a good night's sleep, he came up with the idea of the design that we are using here. Instead of trying to build a spotlight in Photoshop, I used one that I already had on my computer. The one that I used, was already made, so I just removed it from its original background. Here is the actual page that I got it from. Though, I have to say. I might go back and redo the light to make it a little better. « The font that was used is called « Wayne completely pronounced it incorrectly in the Video Lesson. The font is a very nice and easy Font to customize in your work, we strongly suggest getting this font for your projects.
Any Font that has cracks in it, holes through the lines, spaces, you can give color to them, and make your projects really talk to your audience. These fonts are made truly well.

The design process took about an hour or so, once Wayne decided on a design that he was proud of. And this design is what we have here.

Thank You
Wayne Barron

Video Lesson

Photoshop - How To Create An Animated Banner