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Cassandra "Cassi" Lynn Perkins (Born January 9, 1997) is an American Actress and talk show host for « for Global Voices Reaching Out. Cassi and her mother Joni, are active with their site called Cyber Safety Teen Advocates. Helping to educate parents in the dangers of the Internet.

Background Information
Full Name:Cassandra "Cassi" Lynn Perkins 
Date Of Birth:January 9, 1997 
Hair:Light Brown 
Mother:Joni Perkins 
From:Parker Colorado 
Official Website:« 
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Bullying is something that Cassi had to deal with for several years while attending middle school in her home time. Instead of letting it bring her down, she rose above it and became a voice for the ones that are too afraid to speak out.
Cassi is now an actor and talk show host for "Behind The Mask" for her site Global Voices Reaching Out. With a wide future ahead of her, she is taking it day by day, in hopes that she can touch as many people as she can on her way. With the site Global Voices Reaching Out, Cassi hopes to educate people in issues that reflect upon the youth of today, in hopes that they will better themselves for tomorrow.

Cassi and her mother Joni, have a site called Cyber Safety Teen Advocates (Empowering Parents to Protect What Matters Most). Together, they are reaching out to parents to help educate them in the dangers of the Internet and mobile phone texting. Teaching parents about the possibilities of their child becoming victims of Sexting, Cyber bullying, online child predators, and other issues that affect our children, and ways to help keep them safe.
With the work, that Cassi and her mother Joni are doing to help teach us about the dangers of the Internet. There is still so much more to do, and they need your help in spreading the word to the schools, the government, the media, and other sources to make people aware that there are dangers online and in our schools today. Visit their sites, and show your support in making your children and others safe in this dangerous world that we live in.

Mini Biography

« (Taken from IMDB with revisions by «)
13 years ago, a 5-year-old brown-eyed tomboy named Cassandra hit the small theatrical stage in Parker CO. where she has performed in at least seven productions. By the age of 10, Cassandra had blossomed into a fine young actor with several IMDB film credits to her name, as well as a Heartland Regional Emmy nomination. Cassandra is an active member of the Asgard Stunt team, where she performs film related fight choreography, weapons technique (knife, sword and gun) and high/low fall techniques. Cassandra is a member of the New Revolutionary Wrestling (NRW) media team as a "wrestling correspondent". She is an active member of the "Youth 4 Parker" a young city council committee, which coordinates community outreach. Early in her career, Cassandra had aspirations of going to New York and L.A., but now at 18 Cassandra feels that her calling is here in Colorado. With her talk show "«", Cassandra's ultimate goal is improve and positively impact the lives of the people around her.

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  2. We give out free tools to help parents take control of their children's lives. This is to help keep your children safe and out of harm's way. If you do not take responsibility of your child, and help protect them, no one will.
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Interviews and Reviews


Cassandra Perkins on Colorado's Best

At Colorado's Best TV Show promoting Bella's Young Foodies - BYOU Cover Magazine girl & Bella's Young Foodies Host, Cassandra Perkins, Izabela Lundberg, CEO & Founder of Bella's Showcase & Executive Producer of Bella's Young Foodies & Stephen Cunnigham, Founder & Co-Creator of Food Network & many other successful ventures « receives Credit for the above write-up and images.

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Image Source for Image Hosting - Cassandra Perkins on Colorado's Best 2

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Image Source for Image Hosting - Cassandra Perkins on Colorado's Best 4

Cassandra Perkins on Channel 9


Image Source for Image Hosting - Cassandra Perkins Interview Channel 9 News

Cassandra spoke with reporters about her dealing with bullies, and when she, at one point, thought about taking her own life. With courage and determination, Cassandra told her parents and took a stand against the ones of whom bullied her, and bullies around the globe. With Cyber Awareness day against Bullying, Cassandra was able to bring a voice to those that could not speak up for themselves.

Credits and Skills

Promotion Videos Featuring Cassandra

Interviews By Cassandra Perkins

To view all to people Cassandra Perkins has interviewed, please view the following Article «


Cassandra Perkins has performed in several movies. Here is the complete list of her accredited performances.

The Earth Is Flat

View the «
This film is still in post-production.
A young boy's journey raised in an Amish family who was lead to believe the Earth was flat.

  1. Director: «

  2. Writer: «

A Stupid Conversation Among Teenagers

View the «
Production 2013
Cassandra Perkins plays the roll of Jessica
A popular girl and her two best friends decide to pick on a lonely nerd in order to make their boring time at the library more interesting.

  1. Cassandra Perkins - Jessica

Bully Girls

View the «
Production 2013
Cassandra Perkins - executive producer

Image Source for Image Hosting - Bully Girls stars Cassandra Perkins, Christine Mascolo, Haley Smith, and Haidyn Janae' Harvey

« stars «, «, Haley Smith, and «
A film by Jazzy K Productions and Dark Star Productions Written by « and Co-Directed with « Jackie Douglas is an aspiring filmmaker. Lisa Taylor is an angst-ridden troublemaker. What would it take to get these two different worlds to accept each other?" Poster Art by CM Studios

Faces (Short)

View the «
Production 2012
"FACES" is a short film which showcases different types of Domestic Violence and Abuse while asking us to be a part of the solution. We all know someone who is a survivor of Domestic Violence, and most likely someone who is currently experiencing Domestic Violence. "FACES" raises our awareness once again to the National statistics of Domestic Violence while introducing us to Project Safeguard.
Project Safeguard is a 501(C)3 Nonprofit organization who provides Advocates for Victims of Domestic Violence, and guides them through the Civil Protection Order process.
- Written by «

  1. « - Girlfriend

Bethlehem Road (Short)

View the «
Production 2011
Every small town has a scary story. A story parents tell their kids to keep them from venturing too far from the comforts of home. A story that teenage girls whisper during the late-night hours at slumber parties. With growing up comes reality, and childish stories are forgotten for years. In this particular small town, someone is determined to remind the locals that 'Bethlehem Road' is not a place you want your children to wander off to.
- Written by «

Just a Little Game (Short)

View the «
Production 2009
Danny and Dee Shumate have been waiting for this day since they were kids. It's been 5 years since they last saw their father, the man that ruined their adolescence with sexual abuse. Now that they have proof that he is doing the same thing to their eleven-year-old half-sister, they're back to rescue her and put an end to this family tradition. - Written by «

  1. « - Dax Shumate

Best Ribs in Town

View the «
Production 2009

  1. « - Young Suzi

Television/Film/Voice Over

  1. Global Voices Reaching Out-Web TV

  2. Voices Of Reality-Web TV (June 2010- April 2011)

  3. Bully Girls the movie-Dark Star Productions (AS Jackie Douglas) «

  4. The Earth is Flat-Samuel Wickey

  5. The Man with A child in his Eyes neighborhood kid Chris Atkins/Mark Grove

  6. Suzie Tami Colorado Film School

  7. Bethlehem Road Lyndsey Reject Reality Productions

  8. Best Ribs in Town Young Suzi Asgard Entertainment/Grove St. Entertainment (AS Young Suzi)

  9. Comedy Camp Lead Starz Entertainment-Brian Morrow

  10. Influences Lead Colorado Film School-Lorne Pribbeno

  11. His Name was Adam Kayla SMK Productions

  12. Just A little Game Dax CFS -Tara Hunter (AS Dax Shumate)

  13. Park Trails Open Space Video Extra Douglas CO. TV (DC8)

  14. Parker Youth Activity Video Lead Malone Media Group, LLC

  15. Missoula Children's Theater Lead Douglas CO. TV (DC8)

  16. Parker History Film Lead Malone Media Group, LLC

  17. (Emmy Nominated 2008)


  1. Frog Princess Princess Proper Missouls Children's Theater

  2. Charelston Lydia Sierra Middle School

  3. A Christmas Carol Fan Classical Acts

  4. Jack and the Beanstock Acrobat Missoula Children's Theater

  5. The Little Mermaid Queen Missoula Children's Theater

  6. The Frog Prince Duck Missoula Children's Theater

  7. The Pied Piper Townskid Missoula Children's Theater

  8. The Wizard of Oz Winkie Missoula Children's Theater


  1. Audition workshop- Casting Director Jane Jenkins

  2. Continuing Stunt/Fx training Mark Grove/Asgard Entertainment

  3. New Mexico Showcase Kathryn Brink

  4. LA Showcase Cathy Reinking

  5. Voice Performance Whitney Ohman

  6. Commercial Class Cathy Reinking

  7. On Camera Denver Center Performing Arts

  8. Audition Class Sheila Traister

  9. Honor Choir Southeast Christian School

Personal Stunt Gear

All general pads, Squid shield, Bulletproof vest, Jerk harness, Skid/flying shorts, Burn Suit


Fight Choreography, Basic Falls, Basic Acrobats, Firearms Safety Certified, Ice Skating, Swimming, Magic Tricks, Rock Climbing, Trampoline, Voiceover, Karate, Piano, Fishing, Singing, Roller Skating



« Empowering Girls to Embrace Their Unique and Authentic Selves Through Self-Esteem Apparel, Products, and Education. Join Cassi in spreading the word about this great cause for young girls. «

Image Source for Image Hosting - Cassandra Perkins - Be Your Own You

Image Source for Image Hosting - Cassandra Perkins - Be Your Own You (Cover)

« Join Cassi with here new Facebook Page, Keep up with what she has going on, and upcoming events with the BYOU. And remember, if you are a young girl, and you feel like you have no were to turn, you can always reach out to the BYOU, and learn from them on what you can do, as a young girl in today's society.


Cassandra Perkins is running as woman of the year candidate to fund life saving research and to raise awareness of blood cancers. « Cassandra's campaign runs from March 12 through May 19. Join Caassandra and engage in the fight to create a world without blood cancer! Please check back frequently for updates on how you can help and join the blood cancer freedom fighter revolution.
A world without cancer awaits... Oh and by the way, Cassandra Rocks!!!

Woman of the Year

Cassandra Perkins has the honor of being Woman of the Year - For the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Blood Cancer spokesperson, for helping to bring awareness to this terrible disease. We need to help her to find a cure, along with many others are hoping that you can help her in the cause to make a difference in the lives of those that are affected by this disease. You can read more about this great honor here «

TedX CrestmoorParkWomen

Women who will set you on a path to empowerment!
The 2nd annual TedX CrestmoorParkWomen will be providing an afternoon of ideas with some of the industries top women in Denver. Along with these wonderful ladies, is Cassandra Perkins.
Other people are:

  1. Kelly Brough = President and CEO, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

  2. Sue Sturm = Vice-Chair and CFO, Strum Financial Group

  3. Sheila Bugdanowitz = President and CEO, Rose Community Foundation

  4. Benilda Samuels = Vice President Marketing and Communications, Mile High United Way

  5. Ronalda Warito-Tome = Advocate for Educational Equality for Native Children

  6. Sabrian Risey = CEO and Founder of CERTUS Professional Network

  7. Shawna Coronado = Author advocate for Green Lifestyle and Social Good

  8. Francoise Mbabazi = Advocate

  9. Dr. Caryn Aviv = Associate Director, Judaism Your Way

  10. « = Actor, Internet Talk Show Host, CO-Author, Public Speaker

  11. Dafna Michaelson = Curator, Co-host

  12. Alexa Downing - 6th grader, Co-host

Join these wonderful ladies, and they deliver their important messages across a wide range of topics.
When: Saturday, Dec 1st, 3-6pm Where: 2044 E Evans Ave. Denver, CO. Join us at the University of Denver Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management.
    Schedule of Events:
  1. 1:30 Doors open, Live-Stream from TEDxWomen Washington DC

  2. 3:00 Breaking Boundries

  3. 4:30 Building Community

  4. 6:00 Adjourn

For more information and to see pictures of the speakers, please follow the following link «. For Directions to this Event: « To purchase tickets to this event: «

Talk Shows

Behind The Mask

Click here to read more about «.

Image Source for Cassandra Perkins - Behind The Mask

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